The Farmington - A Wild and Scenic River

Welcome to The Farmington River Steward's Website!

The Upper Farmington River is a nationally designated 'Wild and Scenic' resource. This section of river stretches from Goodwin Dam above Riverton, CT to the confluence of the Nepaug River in Canton, CT. It is known for its world class fishing, boating and other recreational opportunities, scenic beauty and historical importance. The river is a favorite spot for tubers, animal watchers and picnickers. Along this stretch are rapids ranging from flat water to Class III in Satan's Kingdom, so it is sees many kayakers and canoeists as well.

This area is one of the most beautiful in the state. Along the river are places to camp, hike and bike. I am the river steward for the Upper Farmington, and work directly under the guidance of the Farmington River Coordinating Committee (FRCC). The FRCC was formed in 1994 when the river received 'Wild and Scenic' designation. Its main goal is the long-term protection of the Upper Farmington River. As River Steward, I aim to help with conservation (ecological and scenic values), river safety, and education.

Please help me to keep this area pristine so everyone can enjoy it. This website is meant as a reference to anyone visiting the river. You can find the current river levels, weather, upcoming events and the latest news from the river. There are also tips about staying safe and how users should interact with one another for an enjoyable day on the water. Interested in getting involved as a volunteer? You can find information about that as well here. Enjoy your visit and see you on the River!

DOWNLOAD A POWERPOINT PRESENTATION about the river and the steward program.