"No Glass, No Trash"

"No Glass, No Trash" (or NGNT) is a motto we at the Farmington River Coordinating Committee hope people live by when recreating on the river.

This slogan means a couple things. First, don't bring glass objects such as bottles near the water. The reasons are pretty obvious - broken glass can injure people, and is hard to pick up. Second, when going on the river, pack light. Surprisingly much of the trash that makes it's way into the river is not put there on purpose. For instance a fisherman brings a coffee cup to drink, slips while walking on the rocky bank, and the cup falls into the water. Another even more common occurrence happens when tubers/boaters carry unsecured water bottles with them. If they flip in a rapid, usually all their trash ends up in the river. So... only bring with you what you really need, and make sure that it is secured in case of a mishap on the water. Also remember that most areas along the Upper Farmington do not have trash cans, so you must carry out what you carry in - another reason to pack light!

You will see our motto on signage (see picture on right) at several popular put-ins along the river. We also sometimes use it in promotional materials and when posting on Instagram or Facebook. Try a search of the hashtag #NGNT on your favorite social media to see what pops up!